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Design Office

Unit C, 23/F, MG Tower, 133 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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following the opening, in October, of a flagship store located in North Point Road, we showcase our design collection and services here, join us for more informations


The showroom

The Group is committed to customising the ideal home for customers, becoming Your Lifestyle Creator, and improving the quality of life and living taste of customers. The spirit of craftsmanship in line with modernity and comfort, provided by Majestic Design.
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An award that recognises the quality of design and the capacity of providing phenomenal service.
Yellow Pages Award
The award is established based on Hong Kong sentiments and brand stories as the backbone to commend the brilliant achievements of the brand and we are honoured to receive the award and recognition to us, we will continue to provide our best service as always
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Our design procedure
A better understanding to our one-stop design solutions with our team of expertises
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residential series- 2 Bedrooms apartment

The entire unit design reflects the owner's life hobby. The unit is equipped with large floor-to-ceiling windows, and the beautiful sea view has also become a part of the interior decoration. In terms of design, the designer uses calm and atmospheric light beige and gray as the keynote, supplemented by wood grain. The living room and bedroom are mainly simple, comfortable and fresh, and the dining table has been transformed into a multi-functional dining table after being customized. Curves and glass cabinets are added to the bedroom to increase the transparency of the room. On the other hand, the study room meets various storage and practical functions, and is beautiful and generous.
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Marina South
a sense of warmth to connect the interior to the exterior

A touch of elegancy to modern simplicity

This project is located in a 120-square-meter connected unit on the left bank of Hong Kong. The residential design concept is fashionable and comfortable. It tries to maximize the integration of indoor and outdoor. The whole space is planned into different areas, with wood color as the keynote and various embellishments to create a practical space with texture.
The space atmosphere is naturally interspersed with different shades of wood color, and the tailor-made cabinets are mixed with white lacquer and walnut wood, with a warm and cool tone. In addition to the noble and luxurious, it also has the effect of storage and decoration, and integrates the appropriate artistic embellishment according to the owner's own artistic ornament preferences.
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The seemingly simple layout reveals the delicacy of life.
The classic black, white and gray are integrated into the neat lines, and the style is self-evident.

Centra Horizon-Pak Shek Kok

The combination of shoe cabinet + storage cabinet + display cabinet meets various storage and display needs, showing a clean and refreshing vision. Neutral and warm tones give people a soft, comfortable feel.
The designer uses soft color matching in the living and dining room. White and marble are simple and warm. The main tone of light color and the natural color of the original unit make the space feel more empty and open.The bedroom space chooses not to place a large wardrobe, and uses an open cabinet to cleverly separate the cloakroom space, which is transparent, practical and distinctive.
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Delicate touch of curves and geometry
The living room continues the overall simple style and color matching, and creates a warm and private space with a well-proportioned structure highlighted by the special ceiling treatment